Thank you for your attention. WideUnion Technology open all kinds of positions for long term to suit different developers and different environment requirements. You can choose to work in full time or as part time, even choose to complete work at home rather than coming to the Company. Here is a stage where you can show your talent, and also a platform for the development of your career. As long as you are willing to develop, the job here can serve you for a lifetime. WideUnion Technology will also design their own career development planning based on the wishes of the employees, and age is never a problem. WideUnion Technology is looking for senior developers and partners, and also looking for the graduates without any development experience. Experience, major, gender and age are not necessary, because we firmly believe that ability and potential are the most important.

Here are just the some positions. On the development of Net Platform and C# language, WideUnion Technology still has many job demands, such as Web applications, plug-in development, WindowForm application development and test, UML consultant, software development process and methodology experts, office development, web development, etc. If you are interested in these positions, please feel free to send an e-mail to WideUnion Technology.
Software Engineer
Requirements of position:
1.Flourishing thoughts, excellent imagination and creativity, like software developement job.
2.Be honest, excellent professional ethics.
3.Excellently know and use knowledges of courses such as: Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics,
Compiling Theory, Operating System.
4.Excellent ability to debug code and object oriented programming sense.
5.Excellent ability to study new knowledge, solve problems and communication skill in English.
6.2 years or more development experience in C#.
Requirements of position:
1.Be honest, excellent professional ethics.
2.5 years or more experience of developing marketing in IT field, have excellent network in IT field.
3.Excellent ability to develop marketing for new products.

If you are interested in these positions, please feel free to send your resume to
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