WideUnion Technology is an ISV who possesses strong ability of research and development. It devotes itself to researching and developing of tools for software development, concentrates on the research in the fields of software engineering and software development process, and makes its mission to maximize the automation of software development. The core members of the research and development of WideUnion Technology have 20 years' software developing experience. Solid strength of technology, attitude of integrity, passion for software development and spirit of constant innovation are our reliable guarantee of first-class quality products and service offered to the customers.

Technology shapes future, and wisdom brings wealth. We devote our entire intelligence and passion to develop the software, with the hope of improving people's life quality in the largest extent and possibility, and thus making the world more beautiful and colorful.
Software Design
Consultation service on software design is provided to the customers by senior developers. This service mainly solves the specific practical problems when Entity Model Studio products or other modeling tools are used. Software development is a practical activity, and we can accomplish the software development in high quality only by solving the practical problems completely. The senior developers of WideUnion Technology will help customers solve questions and problems in software design with all their hearts.

UML Training
The senior practitioner will resolve all sorts of questions and provide relative training on UML. The training contents are from UML's authoritative official materials and the fields that Entity Model Studio modeling tools specifically focus on. The senior developers of WideUnion Technology have cut and simplified UML very pointedly, so that the entire contents are easy to be understood and used based on pre-existing developing experience. Owing to the UML training service provided by WideUnion Technology, UML can finally be used with ease in practical work.

WideUnion Technology provides consultation service of solutions for different scales of software development, which provides the architecture design and solution to software of different types and scales that are based on applications of database.

Support and Outsource
WideUnion Technology provides free supporting service to users of Entity Model Studio products, including pre-sale consultation and after-sale solution through multiple ways such as online service, email, field service, etc. The development group of WideUnion Technology also undertakes all sorts of development work on application software based on .Net platform and database. Excellent design and strong ability of development are the strong guarantee of our first-class outsourcing service.

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