Entity Model Studio
Entity Model Studio a tool for modeling and code generation supporting for object-oriented design methods. Its main role is to help developers improve the efficiency of the software for design and development, perfect the development experience, and complete the development work of the software in a better and quicker way. Several essential steps in the development of software of this product: Static model (classes design), database design and coding, can help the developers complete the work; usually, the work for design and development requires several software, but now, you can only use one software to complete the work successfully and smoothly.

The newest version is V2.7, main new features and updates are:
1. Support Mysql 5.6 and other compatible versions.
2. Update to support Oracle 12c and other compatible versions.
3. Fixed all found defects.
Model design based on UML standards
Entity Model Studio supports the software modeling and design of UML standards. In order to better fit the design of the application software based on the database, we have done the proper and necessary simplification for UML standards, so that the developers are able to use the product easily, and they can benefit from the advantages of UML, meanwhile, avoid the obscure, complex and rarely-used parts in UML. This is a UML modeling tool that everyone will use and is able to use.
1.Friendly UI and convenient operation meet developer's design requirements.
2.Appropriate tailoring of UML for ease of use.
3.Newly added practical elements and symbols to facilitate designing.
4.Strong technical team is a reliable guarantee for solving the users's problems.
Excellently support Object-Oriented database design
The database design and entity static modeling (class diagram) in Entity Model Studio is highly uniform, even can be regarded as the same. While developers are designing the static model, they can also complete the design of the database, thus increasing the efficiency of the software design. Object-oriented features are fully and comprehensive supported in database design; and the index, trigger, etc. designed by developers can be inherited, which can be created when generate a database. The function of reverse generation can allow the developers to generate the corresponding static model from an existing database facilitate the design.
1.Support Sql 2005, Access, Oracle 10g and these compatible versions
2.Supports database generation, synchronization and reverse engineering.
3.A UI is provided to construct conenction string conveniently and flexibly.
4.Sql text editor supports syntax highlighting and intelligence, with powerful support for design of views, triggers and stored procedures.
5.Support of object-oriented feature perfectly and completely, can design database in a way of OO.
Generate source code and document
Entity Model Studio is to generate code for the model and coding.These code reflects not only the structure of the class, but also the relationship between classes; the generated code with its own EMLib framework can be applied in the actual development. This is more than a definition of source code for class structure, but the real practical code.The supported languages currently are C# and VB. Documentation section includes the documents of static model and data table, and meanwhile, the Sql statement for all data tables can be also generated.
1.Generate code for model completely and exactly, what you design is what you get.
2.Conveniently customize generated code.
3.It is real practical code, not just a definition of class.
4.With EMLib and Eql, can significantly improve the development efficiency
Entity Query Language(EQL)
Eql is the abbreviation for Entity Query Language. Eql is the programming interface for Sql statement based on the host language. Using Eql independent, developers can construct various Sql statements conveniently in familiar way; and the use with EMLib can achieve all ORM features.
1.Completely complies with SQL 92 standards.
2.Construction of statement objects is unrestricted, convenient and flexible.
3.Any condition can be entered to complete all kinds of complex queries.
4.Statements can be run on different databases without modification.
5.Supports database functions.
EMLib Framework
EMLib is a ORM framework that is self-developed by WideUnion Technology independently. This framework is not only powerful, but also originally implements Entity Query Language (EQL), so that developers can use a full object-oriented method to flexibly and conveniently create SQL statements of any kind of sophistication, bringing an end to the inefficient development method of stitching sql string. EMLib's development interface is consistent with Microsoft .NET class library, allowing use with minimal or even no code changes.
1.Consistent with development interface of .NET class library's, it is very easy to use.
2.Supports data based way to operate databases and ORM based way to operate databases.
3.All operations on the databases are object-oriented and supports polymorphism.
4.Supports memory transactions, to ensure in-memory objects and relationships are consistent with those in the database.
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